Batman and Robin Costumes

Published: 07th June 2010
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Batman and Robin Costumes - The Dashing Duo

Batman, the symbol of intelligence and cool headedness is a well sought after super hero costume theme all right; nonetheless his trusted side kick Robin is no different either and is equally famous as the batman himself!

From being a young orphaned child of circus performers to being a skilled and confident young gentleman, things have come to a full circle for Robin. A typical robin costume consists of the muscle chest with the typical Robin insignia, red vest, green cuffs, yellow cape and thigh armor piece. This costume also comes with a belt, black eye mask, boot covers and long gloves.

Now it is your turn to don the stylish costumes of Batman and Robin to join the bandwagon of the superheroes. This dashing duo will make you feel great and look good but also leaves the spectators really impressed! These officially licensed costumes are available in all sizes including extra plus.

Robin costume is easily distinguished by the colorful attire and is available in both men's and women's sizes. The feminine version of the robin costumes have a green skirt with attached red bodice with the signature "R" insignia on the chest. The utility belt, gloves, boots and masks would complete this costume idea of Robin.

This online store has some of the latest collections of batman Robin costumes at attractive prices. Made from quality materials these fully licensed costumes are easy to manage as well. The superhero of the Gotham city, Batman who tries to take revenge of the tragic killings of his parents has always been a popular choice in costume weeks and masquerade parties. The typical costume with muscle chest, cape, gloves and the insignia will help you stand out of the crowd! Add up to the fun by getting your friend dressed up as Robin to complete the stunning profile of the dynamic duo.

These fully licensed costumes are hand washable and are easy to maintain. They make fun gifts as well. Batman and Robin costume are great fun and make wonderful combo for friends or couple where one of the partners can dress up as the batman while his spouse can be the female version of Robin.

You can shop from one of largest assortment of Halloween costumes and accessories in our stores. Swift shipping and attractive deals would make your online shopping a really special experience. No matter whether you are stepping into the garb of the batman costumes or his trusted aide, robin, the fact remains that you are all set to receive loads of accolades and raves

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